A couple months ago i came home to my computer and discovered hundreds of ad popups in mozilla firefox. I tried to close them but my computer started to heat up pretty bad and then it just shut down. Everyime I tried to boot it up over the next few days it would crash half way through the boot, so I found my knoppix disc and got linux up on my computer. I ran antivirus from knoppix and it deleted a bunch of stuff and then I was able to boot up in windows. I ran AVG in windows and it found a bunch of viruses and then I installed norton av and it found a bunch of stuff as well and deleted it. However, now firefox and google chrome are broken and reinstalls won't fix them. Embarrassingly I am making this thread by IE, as it is the only browser left on my pc that works. I get popups every now and then even when IE is not running and norton continually reports attacks on my computer named "HTTP Tidserv Request" from various websites, for example from zl091kha644.com ip address but they change everytime. The attack results form IEXPLORER.EXE
I've seen in other forums that continual HTTP Tidserv Requests from sites such as these indicate a rootkit, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I would rather not have to reinstall windows and I worry that my files might be infected if I put them back on my machine after a reinstall. Any help? Thanks!

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Typically documents and such are rarely infected. Its usually system files and such. Considering the problems you're experiencing it could be difficult to remove things. But malwarebytes is a good tool, there are some rootkit removal tools as well.

To attempt safebackup of your stuff, run a linux boot cd and copy your important stuff to a usb stick or usb hdd (i wouldnt recommend a network share). Avast antivirus can scan the stick/drive before booting up windows. so install that, then have it scan the drive before booting the OS.

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