My laptop was working perfectly fine with internet. I would connect wirelessly with no issue. One day my laptop stop working with wireless. It said local only. I didn't worry, i had fixed this issue before by adding the IP, DNS, and Gateway manually. This time when i added it, it still said local only. Then i couldn't even open up firefox. I went to go plug in ethernet. When i did, the lights went on, i turned off wireless, and it still said local only. It used to always work before but now it doesn't work at all! I also asked windows to diagnose it and it couldn't. I decided to install a new copy of Vista onto a different petition. When it was finished, it doesn't have any of the drivers. Not wireless, nor ethernet. Any suggestions on either. I plan to use the second petition. please help. I have a toshiba satellite a355d. also, if it's possible, how to i move the ethernet driver to the other petition?

Download the drivers if you want to use the other partition, it could be simply having your wireless turned off accidentally on the keyboard?

Simply download a driver from a different computer put it on a flash drive and install it onto the other partition.

It may be a problem with your drivers or the act of some Virus, the best is to format and reinstall your OS. This time your will surely be able to connect to the internet.

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