I just registered to have a little help on this.

im on asia and took some photos on my N90 mobile phone, and i transfered them to my laptop.

the company im working ruined my ADMINISTRATOR user, and created a new one. The photos and the desktop organization disappeared.

Id like to know how i can access the photos i had on my previous user, because im sure theyre still in the laptop, but i just cant access them right now, and i kinda need them :)

thanks ....

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If they didn't delete the data, look in C:\Documents and Settings\User Name
You may find several accounts, but drill down to My Docs/My Pics in each and you may find your images.
You could also use the search feature.


did they delete your data?? If not, use the built in search feature, and transfer the files to your new account.


Hopefully, when they created the new account they did not remove the OLD admin account. Also i hope they files were not encrypted. if they were lock then you would not be able to open that directory. if you are still admin on the pc you should be able to get the files from the old account.

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