Hi All,

I have an office desktop using xp. Recently I bought a laptop running Windows 7. I set the laptop up for the wireless router ... no problem there, the internet is visible, but I can't see my xp machine, which is connected to the router by network cable. The XP machine can also connect to the internet properly, but it can't see the laptop. The laptop is set up for home network, meaning that it is visible, and file and printer sharing is allowed on the windows xp machine.

Why can't my computers see each other?


Does the XP machine have that Norton rubbish in it? If so, that's why you can't see it on the network!

this may seem a silly question but are they both in the same workgroup? Win 7 uses homegroup and xp uses workgroup. It does help to have them both in the same workgroup!

fixed thanks folks ... took a full xp reinstall to do it though. no idea why .....