Pls. help!!!!!!!!


if you really want help with your problem you are going to have to add more details.
What file is corrupted is it a windows file, one of your own or have you downloaded it?
Has this file always been corrupted or has something happened to cause this, eg power failure, crash, virus etc...

Restore the lost file from a recent backup. Many programs create backups automatically. Microsoft Word, for example, backs up ".doc" files as ".wbk" files under the same folder. In this case, rename the ".wbk" file as ".doc" to open it.
Use the Windows Disk Utility. If you run Windows 98 or Millennium, click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Scan Disk. Select the appropriate drive. Click Thorough Check, Automatically Fix Errors and then press Start. If you run Windows 2000 or XP, open My Computer and right-click on the drive. Select Properties and then Tools. Check the "Now" option. Check both available options and click Start.
Utilize the System Restore tool after an installation or accidental disk format. A feature of Windows XP and Millennium, it rolls system files back to an earlier state when everything worked. Software installations, updates or removals sometimes make unwanted changes to the system.


System Restore or Last Knows Good Configuration will take your system back to the previous working state. They may resolve the problem if the file got corrupted due to change in the system. If another change is done to the system after the file corruption it is tough to retrieve with these options.

was this document sent to you via email or was is created by you if so restore is not a good idea as it is probably has virus from either corrupted software my suggestion would be to go to safe mode and run a virus check which will find the problem and remove it here is asoftware program trusted to remove all viruses/trojans/worms