why is it that my 733mhz Pentium3, 384mb ram, 40gHD, dimension 600cx ran windows 7 with no problem. I was able to surt the internet wih no problems, and media center ran with minimal lag. however the graphics were awful because it only supproted 1024x600 with 256 colors and 800x600 16bit color.
If i'm not mastaken windows 7 requires a 1ghz processor and 1g of ram

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I agree, upgrade the graphics card.

I am however sure that after you have installed win7 and probably Office 2007 up with some other odds and ends software you will have no more space left on your 40GB drive. Also by using aero turned on, your system will be slower than a snail I'm sure. If you don't mind the downs of a slow system, bad graphics etc, I suppose win 7 will work for you.


well, the graphics card is contained within the chipset and there's no slot for another one so that's kinda out. aero was on but only while in 800x600 if that counts. do they sell pci video cards?

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