Hey there
I am having a real problem with my computer, its running on windowsXp profesional with SP2 installed, i have an nVIDIA 6200 AGP 256 MB graphics card, its a 2.4GB intel celeron with 512 MB RAM installed. And the problem i am having is that when i go to play a game on it say POSTAL 2 for example, it works fine and very dandy for about 15-20 min, then everything slows down to a near hault, when i check the CPU its running at 100%, and its explorer.exe and system.exe that are using up so much, usually 50 - 40 for one and the other equals it up, its really slowing down my pc, and then after i exit the game if i try and play it again it wont work, and only seems to work after restarting my pc, and my CPU doesn't appear to be overheating, i dont have los of stuff running, I have Zonealarm Pro, AVG Free and thats it, Can someone please help as i have no idea what is wrong with it, i got it at Christmas so its not even old,
P.s I have 2 hard drives one 80GB with 17Gb free and a 250GB with 202GB free.
Thanks For any help i recieve :)

Well, since you say that explorer and system.exe are the processes taking up the CPU time, Id suggest you run a virus scan first. It's possible that these files may be infected. Also, kill all unnecessary processes in Task Manager and then try running the game. See if these suggestions help and let us know...

Yeah, i did a virus scan using AVG, and i didn't find anything, and manually checkhed explorer.exe and system and nothing wrong, did find a broser hijack, dont know if that could be the problem ?, And i have no processes that would take up lots of CPU so no need to kill them, they CPU value is like 0-1, its annoying its only doing this after something big ran for a little while, games run for generally 20 min then they slow down and then after that explorer and system start going mad

Hijack This, I don't have a link, google it, scan your computer, save a log, paste it in the correct forum!