How can i make my utorrent download faster !!!!!!

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make sure you have the latest version and patch, go through the settings very carefully and choose the options and settings that work best for your scenario. it's always good to get to know and understand all the settings and if you are not sure what something is google it and/or post it on daniweb ;)

If you are using the latest version then i think you can't speed it up more. I also prefer you to go for the latest version and try to go for the magnet link. I am sure it will do the best for you.

Isn't the use of utorrents illegal, such as downloading pirated software, movies, music, etc? Are there legitimate uses of torrents?

Torrent clients can be used for downloading any large file to good effect, not just the pirated stuff.

Asking for help with the client, if not used for illegal purposes, is fine.

That said, any hint of either asking for help or offering it when illegal activity is involved will be stamped upon and keep it legal infractions issued.

Torrents are legal it can be the content that isn't. For example you can download OpenOffice or a Linux Distro as a torrent.

Do the appropriate ports allow connections? You may need to configure your router to forward a port, this will weaken the security of your network though. I think you can test if your ports are correctly configured. Have a look here.

- Let us know how it goes

downloading and sharing torrents is completely legal, in fact some companies use it to distribute theit drivers, updates and even software once purchased legally. the only time that the use of torrents is not legal is when distributing software, movies and other content illegally (without license or permission), but that is the case with anything including FTP, direct download, emailing, disk to disk copying and so on.

Assuming that you're downloading legal, copyright free content, here's a few tips to get faster downloads:

1) Upgrade your connection. Yes, it's the most obvious.
2) Find more Seeders. Files with more seeders are more likely to have higher download speeds because there's more people to grab little bits of data off of.
3) Avoid Leechers. Just cause you're seeding doesn't mean you need 4 or 5 people downloading stuff off of you. You should monitor your connections and make sure that you set it to a low #. Don't set it to 0 because you're not helping the cause. I set mine to 2 normally.
4) Find More Torrent Links. Yes, you can add to your list of torrent links that's spying for you. You should add as many as possible seeing that many of them get shutdown daily. Keeping it up to date will find you more seeders.

That's all I got for now. Let me know if that helps. Happy seeding!

In the end the only real thing that can boost your download speed dramatically is the internet plan you are on.

Want faster downloads, upgrade.

The use of torrents is not legal.

commented: Still upgrade is better -2

what you can do is install IPV6 TOREDO from the setup menu. make sure you use healthy threads with loads'a seeds/leachers and try to only download p2p between midnight and 8am to avoid your ISP throttling your connection. also use perrblock/peerguardian to stop you getting busted by all the antip2p corps out there. also run the setup properly and check that there aren't too many hashfails if so pause it and restart your router then try again.
hope this helps

The use of torrents is not legal.

Torrents are 100% legal. As long as the information is not copyrighted, you can do whatever you want. Why is it illegal if I were to seed a word document I wrote?

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