When I am on websites like my gmail, or even here on this site, I am typeing into one of the boxes things, when I fill it up I get a bar on the right like normal, as what I am writing gets longer the page grows upwards. Thats normal. Whats not normal is if I dont type for a min or two or nagivate away from the page in a seperate browser, The slider bar goes to the top, or the beginning of what I am writing. So I have to grab the slider bar on the right and move it back down to begin typing again, as soon as i let go of the slider bar the page or box I am typing in jumps back to the top forcing me to type blind. The page moves fine if I grab the slider, but as soon as I unclick it back to the top!

So now you can see why I had a hard time making a title for this post.

Its Flippen annoying Someone please help me solve this..

Oh it dont do it with the web page itself just the text boxes like the one your going to use to reply to this. Ig its full of text and beyond a few lines the bar on the right jumps to the top of the box so I cant see what I am writing..

Vista Home Premium all updates, Intel duo core 2 gigs of ram

Anyone got even the slightest idea on where to start searching?

Make sure your scroll lock is not on or any of the acessability options, stuck keys just to begin with.

no scroll lock and no stuck keys. It dont do it on web pages just on the smaller boxes like the one I am typeing in.. and only when its full. I devised a plan if it starts to get big I move what I am typing to a note pad and finsih there..


Try installing mozilla firefox and see if it does it. It honestly sounds like an ie8 issue. I've never uninstalled IE8 but i doubt its difficult.

I already have fox,, firefox is not secure.. I know lots of ways to hack it.. LOL.. Especially with all the addons.. Thats why I stick with IE8.

haha i understand i use ie8 too but were trying to see if the problem duplicates in mozilla

Oh... Not that I noticed.. I will switch for a few hours and get back to ya..

Its still doing it I think it has something to do with the microsoft comphert3000 mouse and vista, as this mouse has a magnify option button. which does not work right like its supposed to. I actually have to open the program for the mouse before the magnify button works. When I had the mouse on XP it always just worked.. Kinda funny as its a microsoft mouse..

On XP it just opened up a window that was magnifying. it took about a half a second.

On Vista, I have to actually open the program, then close it. When I click the magnify button. it takes about three seconds, then I get a big black screen. for about a second. then it magnifys like its supposed to. then will continue to work until I reboot.

I read a few issues on the mouse conflicting with vista but not your exact symptoms. The first thing I would do is unplug the mouse and try a different one. after that i'd check this page out and follow these steps to reinstall the mouse.

Go to internet options .... Advanced and try reseting the browser and disable addins, there is every chance that it will be cured.

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