Hi,am suffering from a very big problem of dual bootup.u can view my problem here
i hav a prob in my system and need to do a fast recovery..da prob is dat i dnt hav the xp cd to boot frm startup,but i got da new service pack 3 update burnt in a cd..can the update cd help me to recover my system?..its urgent..reply fast please.

And do you guys have any solution after visiting the above link..please help me.if this is in wrong section than forgive me,i dint knw where to post.

I'm really not sure what it is that you need, if it's the exact problem mentioned in that thread they seem to have resolved an answer.

What I can tell you is that the SP3 redistribuatable update will not help you do a system recovery, it's not bootable.

If you answer these questions I'll see what I can do:

Are you trying to configure a dual boot or just restore a single operating system?

Which operating system did you install first?

Are you able to boot to either OS?

Could you detail your partition scheme for us?

What do you want to do with the XP CD, there might be an alternative using the Linux disk or an older windows disk.

Right to basics: what happens when you hit the power button (what screen does it stop on, are you loading with the linux or windows boot loader, ect,...)

Give us some more details and I'll do what I can to help.

hi ,im gonna post some info from the other help fourm that says it all , your problem will be fixed when you buy a copy of winxp and reinstall it ,,your problem will not be fixed by switching help forms after you get pissed off one other help forum .

from other forum
Re: Really Emergency!
You've pretty much, with the post above, burned all your bridges. We all know you're frustrated, but taking it out on people who are trying to take time out of their day to try and help you, FOR NOTHING IN RETURN BUT YOUR THANKS, will pretty much get everyone to stop helping REAL FAST.

So, I would say that if you don't care about your Ubuntu partition at all, and just want Windows back, that you follow the directions above to put your Windows XP disc in, and press R to recover Windows. Running "fixmbr" takes Ubuntu completely out of the equation and puts windows back in charge of booting your computer, so that there will be no more grub at all, no menu.lst to mess with, no booting into ubuntu, nothing. Just put the Windows disc in, and tell it to repair the existing windows installation, or go into the Recovery Console and fixmbr.

There are a number of Windows resources to help you with the XP recovery process, but ubuntuforums.org isn't one of them.
and you said this , not correct ,or you would not be here!
Thank you all for your wonderful help! I really appreciate for helping me and taking out your time for helping me.but anyways i got my solution
your only fix to your problem is to get a winxp copy and Format the harddrive and reinstall windows on you computer ,
good luck