I have Windows 7, 64bit with 8 gigs of RAM. Illustrator worked perfectly for weeks than just today it decides to quit. As soon as I open it, the splash screen shows and the interface opens and a couple seconds later it shuts down. No error message.

If I'm fast enough to drop down a menu, it stays open. Or if I open Illustrator by double-clicking an AI file, if I quickly move an object on the drawing, it stops to ask if I want to save changes before exiting. I can't cancel the exit process.

I've done the usual, deleted preferences and so forth. I've cleaned the PC, uninstalled recent applications, ran a registry cleaning scan and cleaned junk files with Crapcleaner. I've removed all recent installed fonts, turned off the font cache service, restarted umpteen times.
I've downloaded and installed the Adobe 15.0.1 patch that supposedly fixes this issue:

There are no errors in Windows error log about it. All the other CS5 apps work fine.

Finally I completely uninstalled Illustrator, deleted leftover files as well as registry entries, ran my registry clean tool again, restarted, and reloaded Illustrator. No good! Installed the patch again, nope.

So pretty randomly Illustrator just died and nothing seems to fix it. What gives? This is my production at-work PC and I use it to print our graphics! GAAAA!

I went through all the extensions folder removing addons and extensions to see if it would work, it did not. I checked for read only and other permissions on folder structure, no good. I created a new user account and ran it in that, still no good.

I'm running out of ideas! I need this back!

Have you found a fix for this problem?
We have the exact same issue, on two different machines - one vista, one 7.

Any other ideas???

So sorry to inform you theres currently no fix for it. Illustrator cs5 15.0.2 ver, the latest version when I posted this message( on a legal copy of the master collection ) still causes me this problem, and so far tried installing it on xp 32/64, vista AND seven with no succes.

At first thought it maybe was a bad copy of the program so I went ahead and tried downloading the trial verion on the website, tried downloading it from pirate sites, torrents or any other possible sources with the same issue.

Whats really got my blood boiling, is that this issue also corrupts previous verisions of AI's... cs3-cs4 TO MY KNOWLEDGE.

I installed cs5 on 5 different computers and had to format every single one of them to fix the issue.

Im a motion graphic designer and cs5 just ruined my week @ work.

Why dont I aks for a refund? still need the cs5 for camera raw (proud owner of a canon t2i) and 64 bit architecture for AE

Hi guys,
i'm with the same problem here, i just searching on web for somekind of pacth to fix it, any news i'll pos here. Good luck

well, the only work arround I found today is to remove all versions of illustrator (cs3-cs4-cs5) run WinCS5Cleanupscript (wich you can find in the web) and download the latest TRIAL version of 15.0.2 (cs5) from adobe main website.

at least you will have it working for **cough** 30 days **cough**

just got it working again that way today (withought having to format my notebook as well)

hope you guys find my info usefull

This seems to be a problem with the Welcome Screen....(the main popup that appears) likely web traffic issues. I have not been able to "Do not show this again" to the dialog but I have bypassed it by opening the About Illustrator. anyone know how to get Ill prefs when it's not open? Since this is new I'm wondering if this is the security issue they fixed? I can't get the 15.0.2 update to apply, it just says "not valid". Apparently you can turn this off from prefs general but I don't know if there is an XML file that can be edited or??? I keep trying fast fingers and see if that works.

@adriannunez - cheers Adrian, Illustrator CS5 works fine using your patched amtlib.dll :cool:

Thanks adriannunez! After replacing amtlib.dll it worked :)

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Oh, you legend! Thanks Adrian!

adriannunez, thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for that, you dont know how much i looked for a solution to this problem, people, do what it says there...thanx thanx

Adrian.. you are the man. Worked fine for me. Thankx a bunch!!!

Dec 7th, 2010
Re: Illustrator CS5 closes after opening
This is the way how I solved it and I hope it also works for you:
First, download this file: http://hotfile.com/dl/42205625/8833e45/amtlib.dll.rar.html
Second, extract amtlib.dll and overwrite it in this folder (backup the original):
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator\Support Files\Contents\Windows
That's all!



Worked fine. Thanks a bunch!!!

thanx adrian, i had the same problem, that was so helpful, can u imagine? i joined this site just to say thanx 2 u, god bless you man!!!!

Hi Can you please post that file again.. its not at the link you had posted up. I tried searching for another one but now im getting another error...

Can you please assist


Thanks kingbrill, i will let you know how i get on tonight with this new file

Kingbrill.... so far so good... working away on my illustrator...thanks

Hi Kingbrill,

Just a quick one. My illustrator is working a treat but just went to work on my Photoshop CS5 and now I'm getting an error:

Error 130.3 - The error keeps asking me to restart my computer before Photoshop can launch..

Any ideas on this? Photoshop was working perfectly before i fixed Illustrator...Typical

I would appreciate any advice you have as the last fix worked perfectly!



well I dont how u can fix that but if I were u I'ld have done like this --> uninstall PS then re-install it. try that one.

thanks kingbrill, Illustrator now works for me

i got photoshop working again... im sorted.. thanks for all the tips :)

thanks kingbrill, Illustrator now works for me

you're welcome.

i got photoshop working again... im sorted.. thanks for all the tips :)

you're most welcome claire.

Kingbrill, your file worked like a charm, thank you. 64bit Windows 7.

Worked! Brilliant :) thanks a bunch. also win7 64bits here

kingbrill you are perfect thanx ;)