Hi guys! just got my download server up and running - just go click Here Remember it works for 32Bit CS5 installs.

Can anyone help me? I went to two links but both are removed!

soo.. anyone have this file not on hotfile? Apparently been shut down and I need that file!

C:-Program Files (x86)-Common Files-Adobe-SLCache
* Move SLStore and SLCache folders to another place.
* C:-ProgramData is hidden, you should see and operate hidden files.
* Try all Adobe products that you have. If you believe that there is no problem you may delete the folders which you moved.
* Illustrator will show "Tryout" but it will work as registered.

Illustrator Crashing Upon Opening - Urgent Help Required.

Oparating system = win7
Illustrator cc/cs6

Hey guys, can you please help me. All the links above for the files are no longer there. Please help me where i can download it from. Will appreciate.

The uRl says to be broken. Where can I download it again ???

just hold control alt shift as you start illustrator, it will reset the program and it will work fine