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Not sure if this is quite the place for my question, but I dunno why you couldn't handle it ;) Really just looking for some opinions/answers on develop/design workflows for small/medium projects using AdobeCS5.

This week I discovered many of the magics between Illustrator/Flash, such as arranging symbols on an artboard, giving them appropriate instance names, and then importing that .AI file to the Flash Stage (where everything is right where I left it, even the instance names, so now my actionscript can kick off without fuss).

What I find myself wanting is a way to update these symbols in a managed fashion. Right now I am deleting all the old symbol instances from the Library, and then re-importing my .ai to the stage (along with symbol definitions). As the library keeps getting bigger, this gets more problematic, with multiple definitions floating around with the same name (sometimes giving me errors in AS3).

I thought that being able to export an .SWC from Illustrator could work (carrying my "stage" and relative symbols), but I can only seem to export .SWF, and that is not importing into Flash so well.

Now I'm at the point where I guess I am going to make proxy projects in Flash that handle Illustrator/PS assets, and then export these as SWC. Then my core project will only have to link up with a few asset libraries.

Do RuntimeSharedAssets help with this sort of workflow? (They seem to be more dynamic than what I am looking for, but I really dunno).

I do most of my animation from AS3, so keeping the latest vectors/bitmaps available with predefined identifiers is my biggest hurdle between Design<-->Develop.