From what I can remember, I think this problem started when I woke up one day and turned on my computer. When I turned my monitor on it was just at the RGB message in the middle of the screen, as in a standby/sleep mode. I turned my computer on a few more times and even tried unplugging the computer. Nothing work, and after calling the University Res Tech, I decided to take out each Ram card at a time and turn on my computer. This let my computer turned on with a faded color on the screen. When I put backed the one Ram card it turned on fully. I figured this was a temporary problem, or a sign that I need to get a new Ram card. When I went on my account it showed another problem which was that my Microsoft Window 7 was not a genuine copy. The next time I was on my computer and up to this point I have never seen the computer say that this Window 7 was not a genuine copy. There was also a lot of CPU being taken from something other than my user account on the task manager, but I don't think it shows where it's going when I click on show processes from all users. Whenever I turn on my computer up to the point I open task manager the computer would lag like crazy. The final problem would be opening when I open Firefox, which would first show like a red block on the bottom and top of the screen and white in the middle. I'm not convince that all of these problems are related to the one Ram card that I have. Any idea?

One thing that comes to mind: there was an update microsoft released for win 7 that checked for genuine/not genuine copies. I remember seeing posts not to download it because it cause issues with the OS. Its possible, but not likely that this is your problem.

I suggest you format and reinstall windows. There may be all kinds of fixes you can try, but its probably the quickest solution at this point.

I'm not going to format, otherwise every computer problem should be done with a format. The way to learn more of a computer and such is to try to fix it without a quick solution like format. Otherwise there would not really be a point to the fixing computer part of this website eh? I would still like some answers from people.

try a system restore back to before the first time you had this problem

Well a process that can show a high % in the process tab is the system idle, which just runs when nothing else is. Your problems could be any number of thigns really. If the system restore doesnt work, try some registry cleaners, some virus removal tools; ie malware bytes. Update your chipset and video card drivers.

Well a process that can show a high % in the process tab is the system idle,

yes true ,but the cpu usage shows the most important info.

I do know a good amount of computer than most people I know and usually fix the problem. Yet I'm busy with schoolwork. The only thing that does bother me a bit is how the physical memory did change throughout the time since when this problem first occurred. It wouldn't change for a process opening and all I'm sure, so I would figure it all would be related to the cpu for that reason as well. Could a cpu fail on you and your computer work still when its on? I think it started around 80-98% and I fixed it to be 40-50% and lately it have been ~90%. I'm not convince I can use malware bytes for sure here at the university considering that the virus protection this year is very messy considering how I see it work. I did run a few programs though and they all said that there is no problem with the computer.

A calculation can fail, but often if the cpu fails the whole pc will crash and bluescreen. You said the processes were system ones that are taking up your cpu, can you be more specific on their names?

I believe that one of them at one time was a svchost.exe and it was at a high level. There was also a 'NETWORK SERVICE' with the wmpnetwk.exe and that was at a high level too. Now is the wmp one suppose to only start if there's audio going on, on the computer? Or is it always going?

i dont know off hand, do a bit of googling, see what you come up with. I'd also google svchost.exe high usage and see what you get

Do you know that svchost.exe could be a computer program like the registry or malware? I don't think this one is something other than the computer need. It's the wmp one that surprises me a bit, considering that it plays when I don't have any audio on at all when I see it.