Firstly I want to retrieve the stuff off the hard drive it has all the videos and songs that I have done so far and not put on the internet, would still like to do that.

Ahh I finally get some time off and then SHAZAM computer decides not to boot up. Now I had both Ubuntu and Windows XP. My windows would not boot up kept restarting and my ubuntu said that something was not safely removed. It only clicked (lol arf) after some time looking, one of my hard drives was not showing up. This was the one unhighlighted in Pic.1 Disk 1 1174GB (btw i think there may be a error here as well), now the one that is highlighted in Pink [Hatachi Old (HSmile] was a reformatted segment because the hard drive that I'm currently using is actually ripped out of a laptop woo lol.
Also when I scan for virus the highlighted orange HD E:\ it comes up as Error: The volume does not contain a recognized file system (1005). Anyway here are some things you nice people can have a look over.

The first is computer management with different hard drives

and the next one is some data on my p.c.

Need any more evidence, photos, video, audio? or some more written documents reply back asap

Thanks for taking the time to read.

oh the image thing wasn't working for me sorry had to link to blog pics

Go back into ubuntu, Windows is not your friend in this department. Read what you get in Shell when you try to mount the drive. It will provide you with a solution which you can copy and paste with sudo.

After it works once, your drive will start to work again like normal, but this means that the drive is nearing its life and you should back up what is still not corrupted.

Wow. That is a serious machine you have! I no pro, but until one of the smart people come around that can help you out. I couldn't resist checking out that beast you are running. That drive is over 1,00GB? The other one came from a laptop? You want advice? How about a student instead! lol!

I am totally lost in a maze of partitions! I'm sure it's me, got NO sleep. I would ask you to draw me a picture, but you have three. I need four and some sleep.

Disk O = F:)Windows XP - Restart No Boot -

Disk 1 = H:)Hitachi
Partition - Shadowed ?
Partition -

Disk 2 = C:)(System) What System?
E:)Partition - Error: The volume does not contain a recognized file system (1005)
Partition? What is the black box?

That's all I can really make out of what you are saying and matching the pics. Fill in the blanks with that. You have a lot going on with that mega computer.

The only other thing I can think of that my laptop responded to was KillDisk DOS only, very bottom to your right. It's an iso. It has options to recover data and partitions or just wipe it. Go under the free versions. I think it has a disk diagnostic option also. I don't know what the probability of data issues with these errors.

No clue how to build a computer, but I have doubts there is a disk problem with something prior. I don't see any way around breakdown to where all intersect.

Ok, where are the smart people?

The hdt725050vla360 is a 500GB hdd.
The hts543216l9a300 is a weeny, slow 160GB lappy drive. Disk 2.
Finally a 750GB hd753LJ. Disk 0.
Disk 2, C: is primary. It carries your Windows boot files [hence is System]. It may also have the Windows OS on it...? I cannot tell. Having your Windows boot files on it is interesting, because it is not marked Active.
Disk 2, E: is highlighted in green because it is a logical volume in an extended partition, plus some disk space unallocated.
Disk 0, F: you call Windows Install, yet it has neither boot files nor a Windows OS...? But it is marked Active... Gee.
I cannot tell where your Ubuntu is located.
[A partition marked as Boot contains the Windows OS, but no boot files; one marked as System contains boot files, and maybe also a Windows OS]. Well, that is clear to M$.....
Anyway, you expect this thing to boot?
Lessee.... booting Windows. BIOS turns its mind to loading the OS, and so searches for the Master Boot Record on the master disk [the one you told BIOS about]. The MBR's partition table for that disk is read, logical partitions in any extended partition are successively investigated, and the single, active partition is noted; the MBR code is loaded into memory, and BIOS hands control to that. The MBR code directs operations to the partition marked as active, specifically to its boot sector. All partitions contain the same boot sector code, but only that active partition's boot sector code is loaded; it assumes control and searches for certain files in the root of that partition. If your OS is XP then ntldr will be read into RAM and will examine your hardware [and either BIOS or Windows will assign resources to them depending on whether you have ACPI].
ntldr will read boot.ini.
Boot.ini may have choices of opsys to load. The choice you now make of the options available in boot.ini will direct operations toward the [boot] partition containing the OS you wish to run.
Got it? Right. Now you have Disk 0 as your disk to search for boot files, its first partition F: is Active. Boot sector code will be loaded from F:, that code will want to load Windows boot files. But they are not there? [the partition is not marked as System].
Try marking C: as Active, and point BIOS to it. And remove the Active marking from F: if it does not contain boot files [ or is Ubuntu there?].
That is my take on things....
More.. you need to repair the partition table in the MBR of that Hitachi Disk 1. I can help you with that once you get the sys booting up. And also with removing the Active marking from F: - you won't find doing that easy with Windows.


You have a rather strange arrangement of partitions. (Whilst your fiddling with partitions why don't you name them appropriately) have you installed 2 lots of windows?

As I see it this is what should happen; you turn the PC on the GRUB loads showing Linux(Ubuntu) and Windows(XP).If you select Ubuntu that loads or XP and that loads.

Can you boot into Ubuntu?
Can you boot into Windows?

Ubuntu saying something was unsafely removed may suggest that the a disk perhaps disk 2 is having problems, also the fact windows isn't booting also points in that direction.

You should get what files you can off the dying disk and reinstall windows, and don't use the dying disk.

Ideally I you should have the operating systems on the fastest disk, and also where is your swap partition for Ubuntu?

You should use Ubuntu to find out the partition types. But I suspect that disk 2 has almost had it.

BTW that green box show it is an extended partition.

- Let us know how it goes.