I installed Adobe Illustrator CS5 about three weeks ago on my Windows 7 Notebook and it has been running amazingly. However, like everyone else it just closed immediately after I opened it last night.
I'm in the final trimester, about to graduate with my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and this couldn't have happened at a worse time!
My final research project is such a big deal! Any further advice other than those recommended in previous posts?

-The Freaked Out GD Student

thanx adrian, i had the same problem, that was so helpful, can u imagine? i joined this site just to say thanx 2 u, god bless you man!!!!

thanks man! :D now i'm back to work, been figuring out the problem and this solved it thanks a lot cheers!!!

*phewww* it worked for me 2!!

Thank you so much! It worked for me too :)

Cannot begin to imagine how grateful I am! Thanks alot Adrian! and Kingbrill for re-uploading the file. Fixed my Illustrator :)

Thank you, Hazzag. It did work for me as well! I was nearly banging my head against the wall.

commented: please re-upload the file! +0

Thank you so much everyone and Hazzag. I had the same problem and this was a few seconds quick fix. Illustrator working like a charm now.

commented: please reupload the file! +0

any chance some1 who has the file upload it again? because the host website deleted it again.
pls im desperate

@kingbrill: please would you be so kind as to repost the link, as it has been deleted again? I've got the same problem as discussed. Thanks a mil!


I happened to find myself facing the same issue but all the amtlib.dll files you guys have linked are deleted. Could someone upload his own to help me out?

Thanx a lot

Pleasee!, reupload the file
The link is dead and now i have that problem :(

pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!! :(

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link is working - see Hazzag1995's post

go to


download the file and place it in

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator\Support Files\Contents\Windows

replace existing file, should work cos it worked for me :)

Glad it worked for everyone!

Thanx Hazzag1995.. You are a life saver...

Damn i did a clean instllation of CS5 on my new pc and my own link expired, does anyone know where else to get it? every where i go its been taken off cos of copyright infringement! Thanks.

I have this exact problem and was not here fast enough to download the files! can someone help me out?

again it has been deleted.if u could upload it again.


its ok- i hadnt see next pages.. ;)
thanku very muchhhh

can you upload the patch again. I'm having the same problem. thanks!

hey guys, i'm having the same issue and neither of the links posted have the file anymore. can someone upload it?

hey guys, i may of found the file on my server, so heres a download link, and if szomeone could give it a try?



UPDATE Just tested this on my own PC, it works!

Download the file and place it in:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator\Support Files\Contents\Windows For 32 Bit OS
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Illustrator\Support Files\Contents\Windows For 64 Bit OS

it didn't work for me. I got an error when i tried to open the application after i placed the dll file in windows for 64 bit. the error told me to uninstall and reinstall :[

thats a shame. Ill keep on looking on the web, if there are any updates ill be posting them here!

Thanks kingbrill, i will let you know how i get on tonight with this new file

May not of made it clear, but that file is for 32bit installations of CS5 only.

That file was also deleted!! DAMN., some please upload it agian.. pleasee

Nope i still have the file, i have a new download server which im in the process of starting, i will let you know when my server is up and running.

The file was deleted again, please someone upload it once agian, I will be very grateful!

ditto, would be very grateful if somebody can upload this file (for the 64-bit version)

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