Hi Everyone I am having a problem with a server that is running windows server 2008. I just started working at a company and we were having a vpn connection issue, however before I even got a chance to look at it one of the guys went in and restarted the server. upon coming back up it asked to go to safe mode due to an incomplete shut down then when it started it kept doing this repetitive beeping from the internal speaker, like beeeeeeeeeep.....beeeeeeeep etc.

I did a restart to see what the post had actually said and I got a screen that said
"Following Devices are not responding
Port -3
6 logical drives found on the host adapter
1 logical drive failed
8 logical drives handled by bios"

SO i checked connections etc and everything was plugged in the all of a sudden windows wouldn't start it would get to a mouse then do an auto reboot. I check RAM it all worked. I did not check power supply because the didn't have a tester. Its not over heating.

The server has a 12 hdd raid set up, and this is the DNS server so now nothing is working. We got some replacement drives to just to make sure, is there anything i'm missing??

Any help will be appreciated.

That looks pretty self explanatory...

If I had to guess, I'd say you have a dead drive. Now, it also looks like you're running RAID 0, which is striping... There's no redundancy there. Not the smartest thing and whoever set that up should probably be slapped upside the head.

You should likely be running RAID 1+0 or just 1. But judging by the pic, you have a dead drive. This RAID array should be corrected.

I think ,brush the BIOS or restart the flash ,maybe will better ```. It's just a suggest ,hope you are good luck

RAID Level 0 is not redundant, hence does not truly fit the "RAID" acronym. In level 0, data is split across drives, resulting in higher data throughput. Since no redundant information is stored, performance is very good, but the failure of any disk in the array results in data loss. This level is commonly referred to as striping.

I agree with JUstinNH...........

+1 to "slapped upside the head"! RAID 5 could also be used if you need the additional disk space.

Hi, If your Raid Server is creating Beeping noise , it might be at risk. Consult to expert and If possible maintain backup of important document otherwise your data might get lost.

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