Hi could any one please help, my computer a Dell Dimension 2400, with windows XP Pro will not boot.

when i press the Start button I get the message “ Primary drive 1 not found press F1 to continue, Press F2 to run set up utility.

I pressed F1, and windows xp starts to load.

The windows XP Logo appears, for a few seconds then the screen goes black, and just stays Black.

the computer was working ok when i last used it and it shut down quite normally, but when i came to boot it this morning the above happened.

Thanks in advance.

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Press F8 right after you press F1 to continue...try Safe Mode. If it works in Safe Mode then maybe you just need to reinstall the video driver...

thanks antioed, i have juast tried your sugestion, but when i select the safe mode option a whaite bar starts going across the bottom of the screen, and when it gets to the other side of the svreen, the process halts and hangs there.

Any more idea's?

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