I am running Win XP Pro,and have just installed Vista HP on a partition.When I boot up,I get the choice of Earlier Version of Windows(XP) or Vista,but vista is listed twice. I am not fimiliar with the boot files in Vista yet,so anyone have any ideas?

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If you have a dual-boot system with Windows XP and Windows Vista on separate physical hard disk drives, you may run into a huge problem. If the drive with Windows XP is the one that the computer consider the 'primary' hard drive (IE the first SATA device, or the Primary Master IDE device), then the Vista boot loader will be installed onto that disk, even if you install Windows Vista itself onto a completely separate hard drive. If you later remove or erase the primary drive, you will no longer be able to access your Windows Vista installation, even though it is still present and intact on its own hard drive.

Erase Or Remove Windows Vista Bootloader From A Previously Dual-Boot System


Has anyone taken a machine running Vista, then tried to add XP as a second OS to dual boot ?

if the HDD is partitioned to two,

1st partition - vista OS

2nd partition - no os and not formatted

i think should be able to dual boot...heheh...

but i haven't try LOL... ;)

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