So, i have a Toshiba laptop with windows vista and recently i busted the screen. so we hooked it up to a Dell computer screen, so we could still use it. It was working fine, but recently, when i turn it on, it will load and then this screen comes up thats says "windows was not shut down properly" and gives me the options to start windows normally, safe mode, safe mode with networking, or safe mode with command prompt. when i start windows normally, it will load, but instead of going to the log in, the screen will just go black. But it will run with i run it with any of the safe modes. Anybody know how to fix this?

This sounds like a driver issue to me.
First, from safe mode, go into device manager and roll back your driver, then restart.
If that doesn't work,then you can try this:
(Installing clean drivers)
Enter safe-mode-with-networking and download a clean driver package from the Toshiba web site, then remove the existing driver and restart. When the system restarts, cancel the automatic driver installation and instead install the new driver that you downloaded.

My Toshiba Laptp Lets Me Log In But Screen Goes Black And ICant Do Nothing Any Ideas ?

HiThere are several various reasons for your screen to fail etc, some links to the graphic card and other link to the bulb that lights the screen/ CCFL backlight failure and a dead inverter LED screens don’t have a fluorescent tube try to download a new driverorshut down the system, unplug it, take the battery out and press ON button for 30 sec, then release the finger and wait another minuteGet into the power settings (under screen saver) and check the settings for running on battery and running on AC power
or you can put a new bios

sometime adding a new CMOS battery or resetting CMOS can solve the problem. but with all computers and laptops it is a proccess of elimination
and sometimes the smallest thing can create a major problem

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