I have an old NEC Japanese laptop Lavie C PC-LC6000J34DR a P3 with just 256MG (2 Chips) of RAM The CD ROM dose not work and it has a problem with the CMOS. On boot up I get the message at the post screen that the hibernation file is incorrect (even without a hard drive)

It was running XP Pro with problems and I updated it to SP3 and it failed to boot, it just get to the screen with the bar going across the screen and no further. I formatted and loaded 98 (via the HD in another lap top then reinstalled in this laptop) and that worked well, but only 98. I tried to load windows XP to a second partition and it would just get to the loading scree and stay there. I tried to upgrade 98 and the same result.

I reformatted, loaded 98 again, then tried to install 2000 pro. it froze half way through the install with the dotted lines. I am able to start 2000 in safe mode but not in normal. XP will not start in safe mode it freezes at the end of the driver load list.

I have a flash drive, and a cable to connect the HD to my XP Pro P4 PC but can only add things to the HD to then install in the laptop.

Is there something that I can disable to get 2000 and or XP to boot and not freeze half way?

I hope I have given you enough information. I can only find some information on the Japanese site of NEC and the Google translation is not that much help.

I hope someone here can assist me.

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Like you say its an old computer. It may not work with Window 2000 and XP at all partly maybe due some incompatibility with the chipset and BIOS. What is the original OS that come with it? If you still want to have a good use with the laptop. Why not try Linux if you are open to it.

The machine came with 98 SE but was working on XPSP2 but had problems. It was when I upgraded to SP3 that it all went bad.

It is not my PC and the owner wants to access Yahoo messenger with web cam for chatting is that possible in Linux? I have never used it.

His internet connection is via a USB G3 cell phone modem. I can not get that to work in 98SE.

I have had a similiar problem with an old compaq and eventually found that somle of the hardware is incompatible with SP3. It jusrt would not boot! So on reformat and going back to XP but not installing sp3 it worked. Since then I have moved on that ma

machine to Linux and not fighting the hardware!

It is possible to use Linux and access to Yahoo messenger with web cam. like what I am doing with Window Live messenger but no web cam. It has a software call Empathy IM client or Pidgin. You can visit ubuntuforums.org. A lot of fellas there might be able to help. Alternatively you can go back to Window XP SP2 because SP3 has some hardware issue. Bear in mind sometime hardware has to go along with software.

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