I suddenly am unable to receive email sent from my friend from her primary email address and when I try to send email to that address it bounces back. Yet when we both use her alternate email address the messages are received. It's as if something is suddenly blocking access to the primary email address, Any ideas as to what might be causing this problem? Thank you.:sad:


Make sure here primary email address is not suspended. Especially if you're dealing with the n00bs on the hotmail staff they block accounts who dont use their service in 6 months time periods.

Also make sure your emails aren't going to her spam bin. That could (or possibly could not) be a major issue.

your hypothetical does not cover my problem.
my problem is that when trying to receive email i get the message that the web site has a problem with a security certificate and recommends i sign off so i can't send email either.

I think its problem with her primary email Address. Are you sure the primary email id of her is in working status.

The email bounces back only if recipients email ID doesn't work.

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