Ok so what happens is when i play video files on any media players it says something along the lines of "cannot play file - either file type not supported or missing codecs". So i downloaded GSpot to detect the missing codecs, and it says "missing codec is XVid (DivX)". So i downloaded DivX and files still dont work on media players (excl. DivX). GSpot still says missing XVid codec.

But they work on DivX!

Why can't i seem to install the divx codec?

Maybe its a registry error, if so could anyone tell me of any FREEWARE registry repair software? I just cant afford to buy more software.

Any help appreciated!

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I doubt it's a registry issue. Sounds more likely that the specific codec needed for your file wasn't written for the specific media player you're attempting to use.



For files that you can't get working, use VLC. There are very few video encodings that this program can't read.

As for codecs to try, get the Combined Community Codec Pack. This pack has codecs for most types of encodings.

Let me know if this resolves your issue. If it doesn't, give more details on what file you are trying to play.


thanks dude! You helped me in an unintentional way: somehow by following one of your links, i ended up at Free-Codec.com, where i downloaded K-Lite Codec Package Mega... it solved my problem! Thanks dude!...

by the way, if anyone still knows any good freeware registry repairs, reply to me. THX!


ok never mind it worked for a bit then it gave the exact same error message! It reverted back!!! What happened???


What type of repair? Is your registry corrupted or does it just need to be cleaned up?

I recently tried to install Norton360 and not only would it not finish the install, now I cannot access QuickBooks2007 and some other important programs. I wasted a bunch of money looking for help at several computer stores and now they're telling me to reinstall XP. I have the disk for XP but don't have the key and I don't really want to format my drive anyway because I lost all my program disks and will lose alot of expensive and very important software. Is there anyway I can either fix my registry and get rid of any malware without losing everything?

Additionally, after trying to install Norton360, my DVD/CDRW will read DVDs and CDs but no program disks or Roms other than the damn Norton360 disk now. What's that all about and can it be fixed? If I format my drive will I even be able to reinstall XP from the CD now?

Please help. If there is freeware or shareware that could help I'd appreciate the links. I'm out of funds after paying all the rent-a-geeks for nothing. Thank you so much.

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