Im trying to download this game called dynastywarriorsonline by areia games. I have a windows XP Pentium 3 and i need to find out where to download a videocard or Something that will enable me to play the game!!!!


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hi, did you read the requirements needed ,system specs , minimum is a P41.8 cpu ,recommended is a P4 2.4 cpu and 1 gig of ram minimum 512 me ram .
check requirements here .

and you cant download a video card ,its a piece of hardware that has to be installed into the tower of you computer

i have the same problem. i wanted to play minecraft but it said bad video card
so i followd a guy on youtube and he said to uninstall my video card so i did it and then
when i enterd dynasty warriors online it said=an error detected with the shader version
requires a video card capable of using
shader version 1.1

help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do you mean by uninstallin you video card ,did you remove it completly from the compuer or just uninstall teh drivers fo it .if you uninsatalled the drivers then you would need to install latest drivers for the video card ,they would be found online ,from the cards maker or from another source . what are the spec of you computer .,like make and model # and stuff like that

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