Only recently, within the last couple of days, my web browsers suddenly will not let me access at least 60% of the sites that I try to visit, including reading my email with yahoo or msn. I have already tried ip -release, it doesnt work. Reinstalled the dsl software with no luck. I have a direct connection and my firewall and antivirus are not the problem. I've been looking through different forums and tried all they suggested and I'm so frustrated I'm to the point of just completely reformatting the computer just to see if it would work. :( Anyone know something else that I could try?

Have you done a spyware scan recently ?? Do so or post your hijackthis log in our virusus, spyware and nasties forum.

Yea, I did spyware, adware, and a virus check.

Contact your isp and see if they are currently experiencing problems. I've currently got a similar problem, because my ISP is having some difficulty with server upgrades.

I've called my provider and they said that there was nothing wrong with their servers. System restore used to work. but I don't want to have to go through that anytime I want to check my e-mails.