This is my first post in this forum. Hope someone
can give a hand.

I'm not a techie, don't play one on tv, but can
follow simple instructions... ;)

I'm having a strange difficulty with IE on my XP
system. It closes within a milisecond of loading.

Now, I can open and use other browsers that use
the IE engine (like Avant, Crazy, and MyIE), but
I can't run IE itself.

I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that some
programs try to force IE to run (like Acrobat) and
I can't figure out how to make these programs
load a different browser like Firefox (my default

So I'm looking for the following:

1 - The fix for IE if there is one or at least how
to troubleshoot it to figure it out on my own.

2 - How to tell these other programs that I
want them to run Firefox instead of IE.

Thanks a lot.


Try this, open Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" menu and click "Internet Options". Here, click the "Advanced" tab and uncheck the option "Enable third party browser extensions" and click "Apply" and "OK". After this restart IE and check whether it closes by itself or not.

swatkat's idea is good, but you'll have a hard time getting there since your browser closes immediately. You can get to the Internet Options menu by going through Control Panel as well.