I purchased a new Epson printer and it will not install on my OLD Window's Millennium OS. Is there any way I can do this? OR is there a NEW printer I can buy that can be installed?

using the model # check epson.com
and see if they have ME drivers for it .

what model is it

Thank you, Caperjack...I have tried those drivers, NO LUCK!

oh well time to upgrade ,I had to upgrade once because of the printer i bought ,but that was way back when i had to go from windows 3.11 to win95

I have another PC but the ME os works find...The ME is on a second PC that I love & would like a printer for.

i guess you need to buy an old printer ,and some new ink for it,then

YES!...but where do I find an OLD printer?

EBAY, OR mybe local yard sales or second hand shop

I just ordered the HP 882c printer from Ebay...Information says it uses the ME driver.
Will let you know more later.

will be watching for great results

I had an HP 3340 (something like that) and It work fime with ME.

If I had an 98 SE disk I would use my fav old OS, Windows ME...

Dear javanoob101, I didn't understand you...(If I had an 98 SE disk I would use my fav old OS, Windows ME...)??? Please explain

Well I'm just saying if I had a LEGIT Windows 98 Disk (I don't own a 98 disk) I would install 98 (on my own computer) then I would upgrade it to Windows ME

Windows ME is MY favorite Windows OS...
I've used it for many years...


I have Windows 98 disk AND a Windows ME disk!

Lucky you!! I only have the Windows ME upgrade disk and to use it I need Windows 98 :(