Hello all! I know that I sound completely like a novice, which I guess I am, but I am a networking specialist (almost...I will have my CCNA in about 2 months) and thus haven't ever really dealt much with Active Directory. I understand the basics such as creating new users, unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, etc. but where I am lacking is in the design and implementation of group policies. For the most part, I understand the concept of them but have never dabbled in them.

Whatever help I may receive would be greatly appreciated.

As gratitude for the future help, thanks for fielding the questions of an ignorant novice.

google.com is you best friend when looking for info , i suggest a search and a lot of reading ,i found one link for a course in the subject at a cost of $1100.00 ,there is a lot to group policies and perhaps more that anyone can tell you here , a forum like this is designed to help with problems not so vast in nature !, good luck from a novice too.

google search .

and .

I m very familiar with group policy. I can teach you some if you want. However will take some time. And other resources. And we may need a separate platform to discuss it.
What is your suggestion?