Hi all,

Last week I did a system restore on my machine and, for some reason, I booted into safe mode a few minutes later. It was not related to any problem, just out of curiosity, I don't remember over what exactly. it went through all the long list of drivers, and seemed to hang at TDI.sys. Now, every other time I've loaded it into safe mode, it's only hung there for about five seconds, but this time, it hung for around twenty before i powered it down. Now, I've heard from some people that it can hang there for three or four minutes sometimes and this is completely normal. Is this true?

I don't know if this is relevant, but the hard drive stopped audibly spinning when it stopped at TDI.sys.

One place I heard about it hanging from was on this forum, from caperjack, I believe, in a post about a problem very similar to this one, but with additional complications regarding a disk defragmenter being tricked by the hibernation feature. If you are reading this, caperjack, Did you say that it is natural for it to hang in general, or only when problems such as this arise?

I've done a hard drive reformat since my problem arose, and if I did screw something up myself, I don't want to repeat the mistake, on this machine, or the new Windows 7 machine I have ordered.


20sec is not a long time to hang going into safe mode e.
tdi.sys is miscrosoft drive releated to networking .
hanging and the problem you experienced is usually caused by a device driver conflict .
sometime we tend to try or do things we dont need to be doing or some time is a windows update that can cause the problem ,so if it aint borok don't fix it ,and usually stay away from software updates from windows updates,just getting the critical updates .
good luck with your new computer ,your going to love win7 at least i did .!