Have a HP dv6000 laptop with Vista 64 Home Edition. Thursday morning the user reported it booted to the desktop and then the screen went black. He rebooted, and now the system will boot past the Windows progress bar, but hangs on a black screen displaying only the mouse cursor. Same thing happens in safe mode. Cannot CTRL-ALT-Delete or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC.
In troubleshooting, I used a Vista Repair disk but it it says there are no startup issues to repair. I also tried renaming the log directory in C:\Windows\System32\winevt
I can see from the logs that updates were applied the day before so I'm leaning toward those as the culprit, since it started having problems on the next boot.
Any suggestions or anyway to rollback recent update installs?

There is no restore point either.

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You can try re-booting from the (Vista / Win 7) install disk and try recovery / repair from the menu.

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Yep, tried that. No Recovery points available and as I mentioned the repair disk says nothing to repair.
Also tried a couple other proposed solutions, including some by MS, none of which worked.

Wipe and reinstall it is. Thanks again for Vista Microsoft! POS

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