How do I assign my Guest User Admin rights in XP?

I have tried assigning it, but it gives system error 5.
Also My Laptop does not allow to rename any file in System32, I think thats too is protected by admin rights, does not give me the priviledge.

Please please please help.

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Do you mean local admin rights to the machine? If so, I wouldn't use the "Guest" account.

Right click on "My Computer", go to "Manage", then open the "Users and Groups".

Create a new user, call it "Temp" or something. After creating the user, go into the "Groups" container and add the new user to the Administrator's group.


Showing access denied..neither they allow me to change anything on system32


Sounds like you're trying to do this with an account that doesn't have administrative rights. Can you verify that the account you're attempting to do this under is in the administrative group?

You may need to enable and crack the administrator password....

Give this a shot... http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html

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