so i'm runnign 64 bit vista on a self built machine... anytime i plug in an ethernet cable my computer freezes after between 15-45 min. It took me forever to figure out what was causing the problem but i'm now 99% sure that's what it is. As it hasn't frozen since yesterday and i have been unplugged since then. I plugged it back in today and froze shortly thereafter. I am now running wireless but want to be plugged in asap.

Regardless i think it must be some sort of conflict but i can't find anything that looks especially out of place in the device manager. And according to that all drivers are also up to date.

The ethernet adaptor is also attached to my motherboard if that makes any difference.

try to disable the ethernet driver and plugin your ethernet cable check for any difference... if it's working fine then it might be your driver issue.. if no difference then check for other issues...

Uninstall your ethernet device using device manager, reboot and Windows should automatically re-install it, plug in your cable and see if it still freezes, are your addresses assigned manually or via DHCP?


ok i tried to uninstall the ethernet driver and upon reinstallation and reboot the same thing happened. It ran for about an hour, i thought i was in the clear and then bang it froze. my addresses are not assigned manually. I built this computer from parts and for the most part didn't have a clue what i was doing other than i'm pretty good at using google. this however is really the only significant problem i have had. To me it seems like it must be some sort of conflict issue but again i have no clue.

is your system updated with latest service packs?

yeah to the best of my knowledge all updates are installed. def. running service pack one with vista 64 bit. and anytime it asks to install windows updates i let it.

is it possible my ethernet adaptor isn't 64bit compatible?

is your ethernet adaptor built in to your motherboard or you're using a pci card? if it's a pci card then try to borrow another card... if it's built in..check if you can disable your ethernet from BIOS and use a pci lan card...

or if it's not so troublesome to you..try to do a repair installation of your vista...

the one i used is attached. i'll try a different one later this afternoon.