I still run Q98 and have no particular reason to change. When I got a new PC with XP I simply copied the whole Quicken Directory via a memory stick and bingo all was clean and tidy. (Old laptop was Windows 98)

I am planning to get a new PC shortly. Will the same process work with Windows 7 ?

time to upgrade quicken bud

time to upgrade quicken bud

Helpful, not.

It does all I need.
The UK version is no longer produced. Discontinued 2005.
The US version can be set to use other than $ but will not import old data files.

i see.

Well, honestly with it being from 98, i do not know if it will work on windows 7. you can try to run in compatibility mode, but it may cause issues still.

If it doesnt work, you can always run a XP OS in virtual mode (using microsoft virtualPC)..

you would then have to run quicken98 in its own environment

maybe quicken has an online version that you can use and it doesnt matter what local os you are running?

There are a number of online systems about includinf Quicken but there is no way of getting history into them.

I maybe able to find an old laptop running XP for pennies and just run Q on it.

i would try the microsoft virtual PC

it is free, and easy to setup. if you have an XP cd, just start the virtual machine, install XP, load your quicken files into it. then when you want to use quicken, load ur virtual pc, and there you have it.

that is of course if windows 7 doesnt run quicken98, its a big time frame between the two, but you never know. best of luck

Thanks, I'll give it a go if or when I need it,

yup, also make sure in 7 that u run it in compatibility mode and as administrator.

if you need any help just send me a mesasge.