I'm running windows xp. I've tried scanning with avast resulting in nothing. I can access task manager and pull up programs with that. I've tried doing the msconfig thing which resulted in the icons and bar to be there for some time, but then it disappears again even when the computer's been left on. I can't right click on the desktop either. I had adaware installed, but it slowed down the computer so much that I removed it after my icons disappeared. Any other suggestions??? Thanks

hi,it could be just a corrupt user acct,try going in to users in control panel and create a new user with amin rights and see if the icons appear for that,

if that don't work try downloading and running malwarebytesand fix what it finds

I downloaded and ran malwarebytes and it found a couple high threat things in explorer, but it won't do anything with them as it says they're a read only file. This is my home computer with only one acct. on it, but if will help to change that I will

Post the MBAM log [it is also saved under Logs tab in MBAM].

I fixed it!!! I ran hitman Pro and it found the two trojans and removed them. I couldn't remove them with Avast. Thanks for your help :)

Neat stuff. And yes, you cannot expect any one AV service to be right up there with the latest, even if they do updates several times a day. Using a basket like hitman does is smart.