hi. i'm encoutering an error when i'm trying to install windows xp on a laptop with a pre installed windows 7. the xp cd will boot, but after a while, before entering the setup options, a blue screen error will appear.. is it possible to have that laptop installed with windows xp? my cousin preferred using windows xp than windows 7 that's why she wanted me to install windows xp in that laptop.. if it's posible to have the os replaced with windows xp, what steps should i do? thank you..

hi.you don't tell us the make and model of the laptop ,really makes a difference as some/most new laptop do not have available winxp drivers for a lot of its hardware.
tell you cousin to use it get use to it ,its the best windows OS in yrs

yah.. we have decided to let that windows 7 as it is.. it's just about convincing power.. hehehe. thanks.. :D

Your cousin is a fool to want to use an OS that's out of support.

Hi brenn13,

Its not possible to install a lower version of Win over a higher version Win. For ex: Its not possible to install Win XP on a machine that already has Win Vista or Win 7. Stick to Win 7, its a very good operating system...

Does the XP version you try to install have SATA drivers? If not, you need to add them to it using a tool called nlite

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