I recently downloaded version 7 of IE and have found it does not work. On the MSN home page when I type into the search box nothing happens. Favoutites still work and the address bar works as long as I dont type in search engines i.e. google.co.uk.

I also use eset nod32 qand it appears to have turned that off.

Any ideas?

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I'd left click on the arrow to the left of the magnifying glass, select Find More Providers and re-download the provider you want to use (i.e. google, yahoo, etc).


Cases like this I would try other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to see whether the same problem occur. If you still prefer IE than you might think of upgrade to 8.0. By the way always scan for virus and malware first.


uninstall the IE 7 then then try download another IE 7, i think you a download installer which has a malware inside..

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