I installed apache web server on win2k and mysql. whenever i went to the internet instead letting me use my dial up connection the page would do a loopback. i looked at tools - internet options - connections tab.
looked at
1) LAN settings and the Proxy Server section will always be checked for Use a proxy server and bypass proxy server
2) Settings button under Dial-Up & VPN settings and under the proxy server again the use a proxy server and bypass proxy server are always checked.

Both have entries for HTTP: Localhost and Port: 8081

If i manually uncheck it and reboot my box it appears checked again. How can i get rid of this. I have uninstalled apache and mysql. I suspect apache installed some bat file somwhere. Can anyone help me.

Apache installs itself as a service IF YOU SPECIFY THAT OPTION during the install. It doesn't affect your Internet connection settings at all, nor does it modify your browser's start page.

You might want to check your system for mal/ad/spyware, or at the very least see what services are starting at boot time (registry, Startup group, etc.)