I have reinstalled Windows XP Pro, now can't access my disc drives (2).In hardware they are shown with an exclaimation mark on a yellow background.

When you have installed you XP Pro you have installed directly from CD?
The drive(s) is SATA or IDE?
One thing that is immediate is using your mouse and press right button and ask for upgrade of your drivers. Another process if you have and Hp or ASUS you can go to the manufacter site and using your PC label ask for drivers.
I hope that this solve your problem.

Hi there,
This exclamation mark is it being shown on the drive icons in My computer area or in the device manager on the Disk drives


You need to download chipset driver from the website of the maker of your motherboard.

What hard drives aren't working and to what are they connected (i.e. motherboard or raid card)?

i have scan softpaper port 11 stuck on my screen it trys to run it but nothing happens it tell me to put the disc in & run it but i dont think i have a disc ,or what disc would it be on & stops me from down loading other things as it says something elese is in progress & i carn't disconnect from the inter net i have to turn it of from the power point , help please thank you

I am sure your computer come with a CD drivers for motherboard. Use that to install all the drivers and see what happen.