Hi Everyone

I wondered what people's thoughts were towards Uniblue and PCPitstop.

I recently picked up both PCPitStop and Uniblue's SpeedUpMyPC and RegistryBooster as I wasn't sure which one was better and I still can't tell as different people say different ones are better.

What do you guys think?

The speed of a computer is dependant on a number of things.
Hard drive
16/32/64 bit
and finally how clogged up it is.
There are a number of speed up programs but generally speaking apart from overclocking the best way is to keep the machine lean and mean. use a registry cleaner (but, it will only speed up after a considerable usage of the computer ) and also use a general clean up program.

There are plenty of free ones available and google will give advice.
a simple example of the above is that in most computers doubling the memory will give a far greater speed improvement than almost any amount of software tweaking/ cleaning etc;!!

Thanks M

Well I bought both anyway, I'm just still wondering if one is better than the other?

I doubled the memory on my laptop and cleared away unnecessary start-up programs and found a good program called WinPatrol that helps monitor them for you.

Cheers for the registry advice, I have always tried to be cautious as I have seen some weird things happen to computers if the wrong reg cleaner program is used