hi, i am new on this i need help my computer will not reboot it says that it did not start windows succsessfully? i have tryed safe mode no good and all the others on that page. Any help will be great

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I have a Compaq Presario V6000 that went dead. Blue screen of death. I talked to another computer guy and he told me that if I just installed the OS WindowsXP (which is what was installed on it when I got it) that should correct the problem and all should be well. NOT. I have tried to re install Windows XP from a disk and it says that no hard drives were installed on this machine. or something to that order. I am now performing a diagnostics on the primary hard disk ot see if there is something wrong there. Before putting in the Windows XP disk, when I tried to boot up my laptop, it said that it couldn't run WinXP because some file was lost or corrupt. Win/32/dll or something like that. Does anyone know of anything that might be the problem with this computer? Or any help? thanks!

You should have a windows XP with SATA drivers. Without these drivers it's impossible for installer to detect your hard drive ( i suppose it's a SATA drive).

Win32dll.dll is a common virus atttack.
If you cannot run an anti virus program- you should format the Hard Drive .
Can you obtain a bootable disc with partition software?
Such software will usually recognise the Hard Drive.
you should then perform a clean install of the O.S. on the newly created partition.

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