My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this. But, a week or so ago my bookmarks in firefox vanished. This has happened twice in the past making this time the third. The two previous times I had nothing of real interest bookmarked, so I didn't pursue the issue. This time, however, I had a lot of bookmarks that I would like back.

I did some searching on the web and found out that under firefox's profile folder the bookmarks are saved as backups. I was glad to see my bookmarks hadn't been lost forever. So, thinking they would remain there as a preferment saved location I just continued about my business. Well, I wasn't aware that only the recent five bookmarks were saved, so apparently the previous file was overwritten. My mistake.

I'm wondering if there is a way to go back further than the previous five saves, or if my bookmarks are lost and overwritten for good? I changed the setting so it will hold a higher maximum number of saves but that still doesn't help with my current problem.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Have you tried <ctrl>-H? to look back in your history file? I suggest you get foxmarks bookmark synchronizer - this will both allow to sync across machines but also store your bookmarks for later recovery.

It has some of the old pages I most recently visited, but doesn't bring up the list of my old bookmarks altogether.

Is Firefox the only web browser you use? Also, are there any other symptoms, such as a slower Internet connection? It might be easier to figure out the problem if more problems with you Internet/computer was reported.