Not very experienced with computers here and I seem to have done something very wrong. I found a C++ beginner book and decided to give it a go. It came with Visual C++ 2005 express edition. I went online, found out there is a 2010 version and installed that instead. My computer started having problems a day or so later with blue screen crashes, forcing me to re-install windows vista through the disks that came with my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T500).

Anyways, after installing some of the games I play, I decided to download and install visual c++ 2010 express again. It asked me to restart my computer, I did, and when it booted up again I got a bunch of "x program failed to start properly" messages (or something along those lines). It then shut down on its own. I tried starting it up again and since then every time I do it just turns itself off before I can even do anything.

I booted in safe mode to see if I could uninstall visual c++ 2010 but I can't find it in the programs list. I am currently in safe mode with networking. I really don't want to install windows again, can anyone tell me something I can do? Also, anyone know why this program giving me troubles? Thanks in advance for any help.

There is a can of worms here!
Not booting properly or shutting down can often be a sign that the boot manager file on the hard disk (the one that actually starts windows) has been changed or become corrupt. It is usually repaired by a re-installation but can be repaired using tools in windows. Google boot manager in windows...
The other possible problem is which files the computer is using as start up files . these are kept either in the startup folder (which is activated after the hard disk and windows has loaded) or more likely an entry has been put in the registry (start up area) that tells the computer to use a particular file.
If this latter is the case you will need to delete all files relating to the Visual C++ and then use a registry cleaner to remove any registry entries.

To do both of these is likley to be as tiresome as a reinstallation which also does these corrections.
If you have a restore point set you could try going back to prior to the installation of C++