I am running Excel 2007 on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit. I was sent a spreadsheet which uses the earlier Excel format (97 to 2003). I can open and edit it fine, but when I save I get a message saying that I am using features which are not compatible with that file format. All I did was bold my font and change its color to navy blue in each cell that I added. I was told to do this in order to distinguish my cells from the cells of my co-workers. I think it's something else though, because I've noticed that some cells will have the cursor start at the top of the cell and others will have the cursor start at the bottom of the cell. I want my text to be at the same alignment for each cell. How can I fix these issues?

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Try to convert your file to new version first. for this Press "Office Button" at upper left corner of your screen and than select convert. It will convert your file to new version of MS Office and will change you file .xls to .xlsx .
This will enable all the functions of Office 2007.


Hey it can be done easily. Rename the file extension by changing from .xls to .xlsx or vice versa after you saved your file at some specified location. Probably it will work.

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