I have a Windows 2000 where the cursor moves on its own. All the time it goes from a corner across the screen and can not stop it or move it by the mouse or in any way.
What to do?


try another mouse,what type of mouse are you using,ps2 or usb

Caperjack, It doesen´t matter if I have a mouse attached or not, the cursor behaves on its own in both cases.

did you or can you scan your computer for viruses

What application do you use when this thing occur? Maybe you can try another keyboard with PS/2 connection if your computer uses a PS/2 connection.

Thanks for the replies. I have a very good virusprotection that frequently deep scan the OS.
I just have the Desktop visible when the mouse starts to run wild.
Maybe I have to reinstall a XP instead of the 2000 as I also have had problems with the screen going white a few times.

If it is a hardware problem. I doubt re install to Window XP may not help. Although you can give it a try.

I have seen this before and it was corrupt mouse driver. Try remove mouse drivers and reinstall them.

smsmcp and all others thank you very much for all your efforts. I will try to remove and reinstall the mouse driver, it seems indeed likely that this can be the problem.