This is really weird! I'll explain it best I can.

I got home from uni today, opened a website, looked at some forums, was about to make a post.....opened up my FTP and attempted to connect to update a website and noticed I couldnt connect.

I then saw the website wouldnt load anymore, I couldnt access the control panel or any website I host on this server. (I have a reseller account)

Other then people came to me and said they couldnt access it either, I logged a support ticket with the host they confirmed it should now be working, it is for everyone else, but not me!

When I attempt to access any page on this server e.g. or I get page cannot be displayed after about 10 seconds of waiting.

I cant even ping the server, tranmits 4 packets and get none back.

"its your ISP!"

No its not, because my computer downstairs can access the website fine!

Ive done various spyware scans, Ive tried reparing my connection, ensuring various diagnostic programs nothing has worked or turned up an error.

Somehow and somewhere its as if this server is blocked on my PC, something on PC just wont connect to this server/IP.

What the hell is going on? Why was the site working one minute and not the next? Could the FTP client have caused it somehow? :-|

I use IE7, its worked fine upto today and ive tried using firefox, didnt help.

I've just reset my router to factory settings, no change, it stills seems blocked.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused, please do contact us if you're still experiencing this issue and you can email to if you wish to get in touch with me directly or use to submit a ticket.

Again if you're still having any issues please let us know, our goal is to ensure positive customer experiences along with great service :)


hi, i get the same problem too! only with websites. i used to be able to enter it but now i cant. its not my isp either. did the ping thing too. sometimes, like maybe once in 2 weeks i can enter the website. but only for a few minutes. then when i refresh i get the 'cannot find server' thing. could you tell me how you managed to solve your problem? thanks

I'm having the same exact problem as pygmyshrew. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

I am having the same problem only thing is i use a mac. I was busy uploading some simple files and received a strange waring type message which I said "ignore". This happened twice and now I cannot access the site through any browser or through dreamweaver. I am really stuck because I have to style the site for a client.

Can anybody help.

I have run clamXav - no viruses. I have checked my firwall - I do not have a firwall it is open. I have contacted my ISP and they have not blocked it. I am very concerned.

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