Sorry about this post, This is the oldest Windows catagory I found.

Anyway , I have installed Windows 3.1 on an old 1.6 GB hard drive I found and it runs fine! But I want to know how to get a sound card to work with Windows 3.1.

Here are all the specs I can remember:

AMD K-6 450 Mhz Processor
1.6 GB Western Digital "Cavier" Hard drive
SIS 540? Motherboard -- Not too sure about
nividia 128 Mb PCI video card -- I forget the model
Onboard (built into motherboard) sound card

Thank-you to anyone who can help!

P.S Windows 3.1 can support 256 colours but my Windows 3.1 installation only works with "VGA mode"--Does anybody know how to get Windows 3.1 to work in 256 colour mode?

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it been a long time since i used win3.1 and when i did i didn't know much about them .
but im sure you will need drivers to make all those things work just like any windows os .finding drivers might be hard

Do you think a modern sound driver will work?

Do you think a modern sound driver will work?

if you have a modem sound card combo and have the right drivers it should ,install drivers way back then was not as easy as it is today

I really doubt a modern sounds card will work, I personally wouldn't waste my money on one.

This site states they have a driver for your card, I have used driverguide in the past and they didn't infect the drivers with viruses like other sites did in the past.

Something like a soundblaster 16 will work. Modern windows drivers are a completely different type of driver than would be required for 3.1. Using Win32s, there might be a way to get win9x drivers to work, but I doubt it. Good Luck.

I have downloaded some soundblaster16 drivers but my built-in sound card is not at adresses 220h,240h,260h or 280h and I don't know how to change the adress of my sound card in the BIOS---I could not find anything in it...


I think he was saying if you bought a SB16 it should work. Did a quick google on sound blaster 16 and it looks like you can get a used one for under 10.


I'll check it out later (i have to go to class now)



No problem...

Sound Blaster 16 eh?

Any model in particular that will for sure work with Windows 3.1?

If I can get a model number, My computer tech teacher has tons of old computers and their parts so I could probably find one there and he'll let me have it for free! :)



Hey Java,

Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 is the make and any CT model should work. I did a google search for "sound blaster 16 used" and clicked shopping that is where I found them for under 10 bucks. When I did a search just for sound blaster 16 they were priced higher just fyi.

Yep it will work, I remember using a SB16 back in my 3.1 days, I also remember paying through the nose for it, hehe I haven't seen a ISA slot in a long time :)

You don't need to worry about the drivers it looks like they are available on

O.k, Thanks!

Tommorow I'll ask my tech teacher if I can take home an old soundBlaster (My brother's computer has (what I think is an old ISA slot.)

Thanks (My sound problem may be solved!.....soon.)


Yup, another old thread of mine that I found and forgot to mark "solved".
I found an old Soundblaster 16 ISA card I installed it, installed the drivers and volia! I have sound in 3.1.


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