Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Windows Media Player 12.0.7600.16667

I use Windows Media Player to stream videos to my PS3, and in order to do so I have to add videos to the Videos library in Windows Media Player. This works fine most of the time, but sometimes the video I add doesn't appear in the library under its filename but instead WMP uses its title from the "Details" tab of the file's properties. For instance:

Filename: Wedding Anniversary.avi
Title: HU743J

In the above case the file's entry in the media library is "HU743J". This is obviously problematic when browsing videos on the PS3, because I don't know which videos are which. I can manually rename the file from within the library, but doing this to hundreds of videos at a time is something I'd rather not subject myself to. Is there any way of getting WMP to simply use the filename of the video instead? I've looked through every setting in the program and can't find anything relevant.


Hey Paddy,

It has been a few days and no hits on your questions. So I'll throw this out there, I don't necessarily have an answer but I have a potential workaround.

A buddy of mine who has a ridiculous movie collection uses meta<browser> to clean and automatically retrieve and set the metadata.

I have not personally used this application (my arena is music) but from the sounds of your problem it is a perfect fit for you.

I also came across this link:

If you would prefer to use something else besides WMP to stream to your PS3.

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