How do you erase usernames off the welcome screen, not to like delete the accounts but to remove them from the pull down thing I'm totally confused can someone help?

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Well i use AIM and when i wanna delete names and such i delete them from the registry (In the aim section) (DONT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING)

Try opening REGEDIT and searching the registry for whatever name you wanna remove (Thats the easiast way)

Good luck :)


Like Dude said, just use major caution when using RegEdit. Also, always be sure to back up the registry before working on it.

Secondly, I think RegEdit would be quiiiite hard to run if it's in AOL.


Thnx for the help guys but after the first reply I got really ticked and quit using AOL and just used IE7 which I am absoleutly In love with!!!! But anyway I just downloaded AIM so I can talk to my friends and family. Thnx for the help.

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