I decide to do some 'spring cleaning.' End result is that I had to move my computer and rewire everything(such as reconnect the moniter/keyboard/mouse/etc). I start the comp the first time and its fine, but mouse didn't work and I see that its reinstalling mouse drivers(Logitech USB optical) and then after that the mouse worked a bit the comp started to go really slow. Trying to fix it and not being able to softly turn off the comp(start shut down) i did the hard shut down of holdon the power button. After turning it back on the computer took loaded the initail(bios based) stuff fast like normal, but when xp loads it slows down, after 5/10 min im at the desktop and load the task manager and the process(System) has 99% of the cpu. I tried to lower its cpu priority to at least aleviate the problem a but said access denied. And cant end the process since its a 'critical process' For the most part I can't do anything. And the cpu temp is at its normal temp when gaming and not at the temp where its normally is during idle. The mouse doesnt seem to slow down. And i can access regedit.

Can some1 please help. Its probably some stupid xp issue

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Is it 'system' or 'system idle process'? If it's the latter, that is normal when doing nothing else.

on its 'system' which is some 200 kb big, plus I know its not idle because the cpu temp is at its normal temp when its been working now stop(such as games or anything the requires the cpus attension for a extend period of time loike unzipping largew files)
Just look in your task manager and you will see a 200 some kb file called system that should be taking only 1% of your cpu if that. But my computer has gone crazy and the 'system' process is only ways at 99%. So eveything else has to wait in line to use the cpu which makes the enitire computer very slow. Even in safe mode it does the same thing.

a virus or trojan can be the cause of you problem .Try the online virus scan in my signature .

I can garenty its not a virus/trojan. The problems started when I had to cut the power to the comp to shut it down. Next restart it was acting up. When I had to forcable shut it down, it was because I just finished reinstalling the mouse and then it started to freeze. I tried getting the task manager but after ctrl alt del I got a small busy signal on the mouse then it disappeared. But the task manager never appeared. So I tried again and mouse went halfway busy and went normal again, so still the same response. So I then forced the shut down.

Plus I cant visit a wesite. IE needs a good constant cpu attension or else it freezes. So visiting websites is near impossible. If you need my to dl a small app to run then I can do it on another computer in my house. But I just can't run IE on the infected comp

I have no guarantee's !:)

k, ill try, but you are going to have to try to come up with a different method since IE will eventually freeze up to. BTW: before my comp went down NA was schuduledto updated virus def then scan my computer everyday in the mornig before i used it and it came out clean everytime

Can some1 help my? I tried the virus scan and no virus found (like I said). I can reformat xp but there is over 10gigs of info that I am not in the mood to copy over to another computer for back up

You say all this happened after rewiring? Open up your computer and make sure that everything is securely in its place. Problems like this could be due to the RAM or video card becoming a teeny bit loose, for example, simply from moving the tower around to reach behind it.

I went rewire everything outside of the computer. I had to unplug/plug the moniter/sound/joystick/keyboard/mouse/etc. Internally i didnt touch the computer.

It doesn't matter if you didn't touch the inside of the computer. A screw could have come loose, it could have slightly banged itself, etc. just by moving things around on the outside. In any case, this is just a suggestion. If you reformat (as you indicated to me you plan on doing) and the problems still occur, then definitely check this out.

K, i just checked everything inside and its all in check. but now I am too frustrated that i am just going to format the HD and install xp again.

But before i do that i need to back up the information i have on it to another comp since its important. I got what i need from the program files folder but now i try to get into where the majority of my files are(my doc folder) I get a access denied error. In f:/doc and set/ I try to click my user name folder where all the info is for the my doc folder but get the msg denied. This is all under the computer where I am backing up the data with c: being the hd on the good comp and f: being the hd from the bad comp. F:/doc and set/myusername/ is what I need to access but can't.

Any ideas of how to access it?

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