We were running originally on workgroup sharing our DSL link using ICS in XP. This works nicely until we decide to add our XP workstations to a domain on 2000 SVR. Now other workstations are not able to browse the web. Fact is the PC with DSL modem is still connected to the web but others fail to see it. after we have shared it. What have we failed to do with DNS? Please help.

Thank you


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Shouldn't be a DNS problem if the XP machine's IP is the default gateway. Make sure you haven't linked this PC throught to DHCP and has a static address, and the Default Gateway on all the other machines is this address. Check that the permissions for this share, is set to allow all the domain users access, not local / workgroup access.

Do you have an IP Range available?

I would of thought from a performance point of view, that a new router / adsl modem router would be a worthwhile expenditure.

Let me know if this provides assistance.

Hello MartyMcFly,

Thank you for your response we really appreciate your coming to our help. The gateway machine has a fixed IP address, let me explain the scenario further:

The Server (2000 SVR domain) is able to connect to the internet through the gateway on the XP machine defined as a workgroup using the preferred and alternate addresses of the latter.

On the gateway machine we have connected our DSL modem via a USB port with its settings from the ISP thus no fixed addresses are assigned within our LAN for it. It however takes on its settings from the ISP which includes IP address, gateway, DHCP and DNS addresses (which the 2000 SVR points to). We can only tell this from the ipconfig /all command.

We are linked physically to the network (LAN) via an Ethernet network adapter. A network bridge exists with a address and this is what we intend to share on the network within the domain and still maintain ICS for all domain users. The subnet mask is the same in the case of the server and workgroup computers (including the ISP subnet). The USB adapter obtains its address automatically however the network bridge as mentioned earlier has a fixed IP address.

We have not defined an IP range as yet, i.e. no DHCP setup defined on the LAN.

Once again many thanks for your help.



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